Our Farm

With a love of gardening and clean healthy eating Grizzly Greens started as an idea. Palmer, Alaska can have a wonderful summer and grow amazing vegetables. We love living here and taking advantage of every minute of summer sunlight. We work so hard on growing crops, protecting crops from moose, weather and pests, and still we all LOVE it. There is nothing better than walking out to the garden and picking fresh healthy produce for our family’s dinner. We love this, but in our reality and love for living in Alaska we can only do this for a few short months each summer. Sadly, most of the produce sold in Alaska shows the wear of it’s travels. Who knows how long it actually takes for greens to get to Alaska? Could we really grow fresh greens year round? Yes!

After partnering with Freight Farms, we purchased a 40 foot retired shipping container converted into a hydroponic farm and we launched our year round farm. While we love to be connected to the soil, our love for fresh healthy produce is greater.

In our farm we keep an optimal growing environment. By controlling the air temperature, water, light, nutrients, humidity, and CO2 levels we can grow our greens in an environment they can thrive in. With a controlled environment we can also provide a very consistent harvest year round.

There is no soil in a hydroponic farm and plants are fed nutrients through regular watering. All water goes through filters and a reverse osmosis system. We use organic, non-GMO seeds. Our produce is pesticide and herbicide free. The plants are thriving no matter what is happening outside, rain, snow or wind.

Contact us if you have any more questions about our farm.

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